Open Letter to Trump’s Base

Dear Reader, 

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Open Letter to Donald

Trump’s Base

Dear Trump’s Base,

Polls recently have shown that your support for St. Trump is dwindling because of his handling of the C-19 hoax.  You are being led astray by the fake news reporters from papers like the failing New York Times (enemies of the people). St. Trump is doing exactly what he should be doing, in addition to defending our Confederate flag, our statues, and continuing to attack science.

As you may know from God Ayn Rand and St. Ronald Reagan, government is an evil, incompetent money-sucking machine. It can steal your freedom, your guns, and your religion, to say nothing of your money. Fortunately, St. Trump is doing what he can to kill this machine by cutting off its reservoir of money and supplies. Ha! You want FEMA, the CDC, and the FDA telling you how to run your life and your business? Hell no!

Of course there should NOT be a centralized (commie) federal response to this pretend problem. He makes short work of these  so called “experts” like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx with their fancy pants ivy-league-New England-old money big fat MD degrees, and the CDC statisticians and epidemiologists with their fancy PhD degrees. What the hell do they know? He is firing them right and left. 

Additionally, St. Trump has the right approach to this made-up problem. He told us that drinking Clorox can kill the virus in about 60 seconds. To show you how right that was, did you see how nervous that made Dr. Brix when he said it? She was squirming in her chair. Clearly she saw how right he was and it brought into question all her fake science crap we hear so much about. 

Again, lets listen to St. Trump when he says the problem with all these pesky statistics is that we are doing too damn much testing. Stop the testing and the numbers go down fast. I can’t think of a better way to “flatten the curve.” 

Let’s also remember that St. Trump builds strong teams. For example we are so lucky to have Stephen Miller in the White House. He has pulled the covers on these commie bastards by reminding us that the federal government is nothing more than a “deep state cabal of unelected bureaucrats.” You want those people telling you how to live?

Also his right-hand man (for a while), Steve Bannon has the honorable goal of the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” 

So, in line with our hard-core conservative agenda (God’s Law), St. Trump is offering no support for these crybaby governors and mayors around the country. If he gave them money, they’d become lazy and dependent on it, thereby draining more of our tax dollars. Plus as we know from Ayn Rand, our great country was built by self-reliant tough men (mostly men), not a bunch of lily-livered, dependent sissies in local government who live on federal support. 

So, my friends, get up off your barstools, put a yard sign up and help us reelect St. Donald J. Trump. He is  the only person who can save our beloved country from the tax-and-spend, immigrant-loving, Queer embracing, child sex ring supporting, military-hating, over educated, latte-drinking, Prius-driving coastal commies. THEY are the real deplorables! Oh yeah, don’t forget to check in with QAnon where the real truth lies. 


Tahoe Wakeboarder Photo Gets New Home

For about 20 years, this photo graced the wall of PowerSpeaking’s main training room. Next to it were the words “Let ‘er Rip!” This large 4′ X 6’ photo needed a new home with the closing of the PowerSpeaking office. I shopped it around to surf shops in Santa Cruz and Tahoe. No takers. Then it hit me, “What better spot than the Talk of Broadway restaurant in Redwood City.” The owner, John Lee, said great idea. When you go into ToB, tell John “Hello.”

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Trump’s Base

  1. Larry Bourret says:

    Thank you dear friend Rick. This is the best scenario that describes the essence of the Trump backers. All that’s missing is Kate Smith signing “God Bless America” in the background.

  2. John Warren says:

    I doubt that many of Trump’s base read your blog – their loss.
    Now I hope they have a great loss in November.

    I’m very glad to see where your “Let ‘er Rip!” photo landed. I only wish I was there to enjoy it in person with you over breakfast.

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