Strange Use of Language

Gimme a Zero! *

Why do we keep substituting letters for numbers? 

Why is Highway 101 called Highway “One O (as in the letter ‘O’) One”? Shouldn’t it be One Zero One? What about area codes: 

4 zero 8 / 7 zero 7. 


Should we start a new movement called SAIL (Society for Accuracy in Language)?

It’ll sound weird for about five years, but we’ll get used to it:

“Hey, Bob, how do I get to your place?”

“Come down Highway 1 Zero 1. If you get lost call me at 

  7 Zero 7-1212, or my cell, 65 Zero – 1212.

Another benefit of joining SAIL is it’ll take our minds off other trivial problems like global warming, ISIS, domestic terrorism, politics, etc. 


* You are thinking, maybe, just maybe: Rick has too much time on his hands in retirement.

5 thoughts on “Strange Use of Language

  1. Stephanie says:

    Agreed on all accounts…(perhaps mostly the last comment ;-)…. Count me in when you have your first SAIL membership meeting 😉

  2. Susan Page says:

    I will be a charter member of SAIL! But not over that little "o" issue, which doesn’t happen to bother me. Let’s start with, "I’m going to LAY down for a nap." (Errrrrrg) Or, "It is a very unique item."

  3. Fritz Brauner says:

    In Southern California they say "take THE 405…" but in Northern California we say "Take 101…", not "take THE 101." A research project for you, Rick: at what point driving south do people add "THE" in front of a freeway number? Bakersfield? Palmdale? Oxnard? Let me know.

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