A Navajo Prayer Pot

Navajo Prayer Pot

Last week in Scottsdale, AZ I photographed a remarkable 3 1/2 year old Native American dancer. I then met a Native American artist whose Navajo Prayer Pot knocked me out. Her story about the pot and her inter-tribal marriage made a great video interview. Meet Brooklyn Benally.

4 thoughts on “A Navajo Prayer Pot

  1. Rick Gilbert says:

    Wow, amazing interview with the young woman. It’s very cool that the prayer pot has relevance to the basket that you own. Total congruence. Very, very cool.

    • Lil Schaller says:

      What an inspiring story, to hear of how their artistry conveys their beliefs. Brought a tear to my eyes; wouldn’t we all like to go back and have another conversation with those we love who are no longer with us . . . the opportunity to hear more about why we are who we are. It’s true that parts of our ancestry many times die with those who are gone; those traditions and memories seem to not be as important to future generations, or somehow they just get diluted.

      Anyway, I think you “stole” the prayer pot! Her husband spent 2 months creating it!

  2. chuck borg says:

    She had a story to tell and a memory to share and you provided her with the means by which to tell and share….terrific….

  3. Susan Page says:

    This is a beautiful story about the prayer pot, all the meanings of the symbols, and the lovely interview — and wonderful photos of that young dancer.
    Very inspiring, Rick. wow.


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