Three Friends Talk About Death

Robert Fish

Dear friend and colleague, Robert Fish, has been diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer that has spread to his spine. He has decided not to have chemotherapy. It would buy him only a few months and has terrible side effects. 

 In early April another dear friend and colleague, John Warren, and I made a trip to Portland to be with Robert for three days. The point was to visit, laugh, reminisce, and cry. We did all that, and more. 

Robert has been producing occasional  podcasts to keep people informed of what is happening to him. He decided to record a podcast with John and me participating as guests. I set up a video camera to record the process. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch it.

2 thoughts on “Three Friends Talk About Death

  1. Sallie Olsen says:

    A lovely, if now and again a ‘leetle’ bit trite. Get your drum out for me and I’ll get mine out for you. Thanks for this.

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