A visit to MOMA / Mentors and parents

Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Great visit. Lots of exhibits, far more than I could see in 2 hours. One thing I didn’t expect was the permission to take photos of the art. Cameras everywhere. Maybe with cell phone cameras, MOMA decided not to fight it.

A real Jackson Pollack. Wow. I threw my coffee on it just to add my part to the masterpiece. Everyone applauded.

Lots of multi-media. Here a light bulb was placed inside a standard microphone, thus blending the concepts of light and sound.

Huh ????

                                                                                  A child chases after a free hanging, spinning fan

In the courtyard, a father shows his daughter how to draw. Touching and inspirational.

Dorthea Rockburne. While a student at Black Mountain College, Dorthea was asked by math professor Max Dehn to take his class. She demurred because she didn’t like math. He persisted, saying, “You have not been math poisoned.” She learned geometry, especially the “Golden Mean.” It shaped her art from then on.

As a major theme in the lives of the executives I interviewed in Speaking Up, I continue to be drawn to how our parents and our mentors shape who we become. I was touched at MOMA both by the father daughter drawing team, and Dorthea’s influence by a mathematician that was so profound, it shaped her future. (In my next blog, I describe how Eddie Harris’ daughter, Yvonne was shaped by being exposed to him, his values, and his music.)

So, how have you been influenced by what your parents (especially your father) did? In what ways did early mentors or role modles determine the direction or quality of your life?


P.S. After two bad movies, I hit the jackpot with Parkland, a docudrama about the Kennedy assasination. Just outstanding. If you are over 60, you remember those strange days after Kennedy was killed. You will like this movie. Not easy, but powerful.

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