PMS 80.0 + Birthday Bash + Free Book = A Magic Moment

PMS  is Almost Here!

Saturday, April 13th. 1:30 Door; 2:00 Show

Why Should You Go?


                    Ask your doctor if PMS 80.0 is right for you.
 Side effects may include chuckling,

                   knee-slapping, and an occasional tear. Seek immediate psychiatric help for

                  laughter lasting more than  four hours.                                From Fritz Brauner



• Wine and Cheese Birthday Celebration at Arya restaurant


• Free Book for Those Attending the Birthday Celebration



Please purchase  tickets online so I can plan for the numbers:



Broken or Retired Kitchen Appliances?
Turn Them into Planters.













In the news:

We don’t have money for schools, for infrastructure, for universal healthcare,

but we have plenty to pay some guy to throw a baseball.





One thing’s for sure, God did not send Pompeo to save us from  dumb thinking!!!












4 thoughts on “PMS 80.0 + Birthday Bash + Free Book = A Magic Moment

  1. John Warren says:

    I am eager to see the new planters on the terrace! Shit – I just threw out an old appliance before seeing your creative solution!

  2. Mary Warren says:

    Hope your day is a blast! I’m sending my surrogate to celebrate with you. He carries my heart-felt best wishes. Since you’re pacing us in this aging process, we want you to stay alive!

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