Let ‘er Rip: The Final Beam

My new show, “Let ‘er Rip; Stories of Our Darkest Hours and Greatest Triumphs” filled the house.



Having just got the 2nd child accepted to college, I had a big LOL reading this line:

“I’ve heard that in paradise they don’t give a shit about my college transcripts.”

I think parents need to be reminded as well! It was great to learn about little Rickey. Clearly he did not have a problem TALKING LOUD ENOUGH! Worked out pretty well I’d say!

Loved the show Rick. They just keep getting better

The show was great, everyone loved it! Congrats!

I just wanted to let you know how WONDERFUL your show was…I was thoroughly engaged the entire time.
Your stories hit a cord with me, especially as I’m closing in to completing this five year project / book “The Gifted Journey.”
I especially liked your message of “finding your voice”…and “turning points”…and “mentors and role models”…
I captured similar ideas in this book and I love your perspective on the inverse curve on “happiness” vs. “what should be our most rewarding  years”…How true and insightful….

Mostly, I love how you demonstrate that passion, excitement, purpose and meaning only grow with time. I truly want you to know the impact you have had on my life as well as so many others. Congratulations and I’m praying that there will be an ENCORE performance… any plans for that?


To get a flavor for the show, please watch this short, 7 minute ending sequence. It includes an amazing iron workers story about how they wrap up their work on a building project.

Soon, I’ll have the entire show up on Vimeo.

Also, a new show is in works. Stay tuned.

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