Reminder: “Our Darkest Hours and Greatest Triumphs” Coming June 24

Success is related to risk-taking according to Adele Sheele, career and success coach.

Adele Sheele’s advice, along with many others’, is featured in my upcoming show,

“Let ‘er Rip: Stories of Our Darkest Hours and Greatest Triumphs.” 

You will also hear how Dave Brubeck smashed the southern college color barrier, and how Daniel Ellsberg switched sides during the Vietnam War from the Rand Corporation to the anti-war movement and released the Pentagon Papers, helping to end the war. You’ll learn about how important mentors are, even to wildly successful Silicon Valley CEOs. You’ll learn what happened when I met Jackie Kennedy, and how Gloria Steinem views her legacy.

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Sunday, June 24, 1:00 P.M., Dragon Theater, Redwood City.

A few seats are still available. There is only one performance.

This is not a play.

I am not acting.

This is not fiction.

It is all true. 

1 thoughts on “Reminder: “Our Darkest Hours and Greatest Triumphs” Coming June 24

  1. Ann Neel says:

    Dearest Rick,

    Marg and I are definitely coming to this! I didn’t realize we needed to reserve seats. Also may we each bring a guest if possible?


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