Let ‘er Rip: Our Darkest Hours and Greatest Triumphs

“Mister, this time you’ve gone too far. THIS is going on your PERMANENT RECORD!!!

– Helen Maslin, Principal, Hillside School, 1946

“My mentor, Leo McCarthy, saw things in me I didn’t see in myself. After my first campaign
speech, I asked him, ‘How’d I do?’ He said, ‘Who is the teacher and who is the student now?’”
– Anna Eshoo, Member of Congress
“My parents lost the store and got divorced. I barely graduated from high school. I was the world’s
worst student. I dropped out of college after one year.”
– Steve Blank, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author
“The building is like a flower and iron workers are the water that make it grow. I didn’t know what
pride was until I started working iron. I will be dead and gone, but the building will still be there.
It’s a lot of pride.”
– Jose Hernandez, Iron Worker

“To have been in practice long enough to have seen the entire arc of a child’s life up until the beginning of young adulthood was the greatest reward of the job.”

  – Jane Hunter, Pediatrician


Humor, pathos, and deep understanding are expressed by the stars of this show; the fascinating people I’ve interviewed over the years—some famous, some not—whose stories will crack you up, put a lump in your throat, and ultimately, inspire. They talk passionately about wild success despite rocky beginnings, about living life on their own terms, and about the legacies they hope to leave.  

Let ‘er Rip: Stories of Our Darkest Hours and Greatest Triumphs, like good jazz, riffs on our adventures as we struggle to find our unique purpose.  Please join me for this joyous romp through the decades of our lives on June 24, 2018 at the Dragon Theater in Redwood City.

Video clips from the show;

All proceeds from the show will be donated to Redwood City Planned Parenthood. Come and join the fun at the show and for a wine and cheese reception afterwards at The Old Spaghetti Factory across the street.



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