Sharing Our Stories – Sample: Iron Workers; Psych Nurse; Gloria Steinem; Oakland Cop

Samples of Sharing Our Stories:

Tales of Resilience and Renewal


A psychotic patient draws a huge knife and says,”I don’t know why I should not use this on you right now!” Psych nurse Mary Warren did not die on that shift.

Gloria Steinem: Inspiration

A former prostitute tells Gloria Steinem that MS magazine inspired her on her journey to becoming an attorney

Bob Dylan: “We’re all just links in a chain.” 

Tim Horisburger’s legacy: “I’ll keep being an iron worker until I’m either crippled or I’m dead”

Fear: Oakland Cop

Carl Johnson, an Oakland cop, stood between a crazed dope fiend and a drug dealer. Both heavily armed. “Who do I shoot first?”




Sharing Our Stories can be downloaded or in physical form on a thumb drive.









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