Chapter 14: Communication

Communication: Two Styles

My new audio book, Listen Deeply; Be Amazed; Tell The Story, should be out by February. I’ve just finished Chapter 14: Communication. The importance of listening. Competitive communication. Cooperative communication. Here is a two-minute preview. Larry Lippert is an iron worker supervisor and does “in your face communication,” while Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo, builds trust and rapport by putting herself in the other person’s shoes. They both get results.



















4 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Communication

  1. Ken says:

    ‘Looking forward to your book! This juxtaposition is so telling — the two approaches are worlds apart, and will likely stay that way. Politics in the U.S. cannot afford to do the same, but, is it “time to heal,” or time to prosecute Trump and his band of criminals?!

  2. Mary says:

    I wonder why we need more women in power? Hmmm? Although taking care to be strict while not being a dick works in this life and death setting as well.

  3. Rick Gilbert says:

    Great responses. Agree w/ Mary – more female leaders will be great. Thanks to Biden for that. In the memorable words of Larry Lippert: “Don’t be such a fuckin’ dick.”

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