Thank You!

Thank You!

What a year. Politics! Covid! The economy! Unemployment! Demonstrations, Rioting, Looting! We can be thankful a vaccine is on the way and we have a new president – one who knows how to make government work and is already bringing in competent people. So one thing we can be thankful for: this year is coming to an end.

In spite of all this grief, I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m fortunate to be in good health. I get up every morning and everything still works… mostly. Memory, hearing, balance and seeing ain’t what they used to be. As one friend said, “Isn’t old age a bitch… but aren’t we glad we have it.” I’m thankful for my family. My daughter Katy will graduate from SF Stage in June with her BA in psychology. My wife Mary just received a huge honor: the Association of Learning Providers 2020 Spirit Award. So proud of both of them.




Another thing I’m thankful for is you! Your responses to my blogs make it all worthwhile. I love the stimulation your responses bring into my life. Even though fully retired, you make me feel like I’m still out there in the real world. Thank you for that. It means more than you can imagine. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Let’s toast to a better 2021!

Listen Deeply; Be Amazed; Tell The Story


New audio book coming together very well.

For a quick preview, here are eleven chapter short clips (1 – 3 minutes).

Hoping to have the book out by February, 2021. Watch this space or check my FaceBook page:

Public Health Is the Enemy? WTF?

I’ve been fooling around with a poem about those angry people we see on the news who believe that wearing a mask is an assault by the “deep state” on their freedom.

You Can’t Make Me

My guns are now loaded,

All with big bore,

I’ll fight to the death

For my freedoms galore,


You say I’m deplorable,

You think I’m a chump

But one thing’s for sure

I  love Mister Trump


My Harley I ride

With no helmet at all

So why don’t you stuff it

With your silly damn law


   I’ll smoke on airplanes

Whenever I please

Try and  stop me

You fucking Nazis


   He fought to the end
   In glory he’d bask
   His last dyin’ words:
   I ain’t wearin’ no mask

3 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Bill Scanlon says:

    I second all that Ms. Page wrote, including the murderous cry baby crook’s “concession.”

    And look forward to the forthcoming audio book.

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