Why Make Children Have Babies? plus: No More “Deadwood City”

Hooray for Alabama!

Defending the new ban on abortions, Alabama state Representative, Clyde Chambliss said: “A woman can have an abortion before she knows she is pregnant.” Brilliant.








Why Do We Want 12 Year-old Girls

to Have Babies?


Voltaire had the answer:

“The comfort of the wealthy depends   on an abundant supply of the poor.”

That about sums it up!

Many reasons why Roe v. Wade is under attack. None of them have to do with religion, or the sanctity of life bullshit.

Admittedly, much of it is about sex roles and identities, i.e. keeping women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. But a far more important reason is that the financial elite, who control church doctrine, need lots of bodies for their war machines, and sweat shops.

If we can keep poor young women pumping out indentured servants to fight and die for our oil interests around the world, clean our office buildings, pick our crops, take care of our gardens, tend to our children and our dying parents, life will be more comfortable for us.

Imagine what it would do to our workforce if those 12-year-old girls were not forced to become mothers and went on for higher education and meaningful careers. Oh my, we’d have to change our own sheets.

Oh, and, don’t forget, we must tell them about Jesus and how he is watching over them. We must tell them that the bible says while they are slaves in this world, they will sit at the head of the table in the next world, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

Now, be grateful you have this minimum wage job. Get back to work.


No More Deadwood City

In just three nights, I attended four shows that gave the lie to that old adage that nothing is happening in Redwood City. It is no longer “Deadwood City.”

1 thoughts on “Why Make Children Have Babies? plus: No More “Deadwood City”

  1. John Warren says:

    Hi Rick!
    Since Redwood City is such a happening place, maybe we should move back there!
    BUT, right now, Jacksonville is in the midst of our Jacksonville Jazz Festival, so we have a lot going on right here!
    Thanks for sharing so many good ideas and images!

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