Meeting Queen Elizabeth II, Relaxing Photographic Patterns

“Meeting” Queen Elizabeth

The year was 1983. Queen Elizabeth was on a tour of the Hewlett Packard manufacturing plant in Cupertino where I worked. I broke away from the crowd to position myself along the route she would take moving from one building to another. For some reason, the hall where I waited was empty.

Then, as if in a dream sequence, Queen Elizabeth glided slowly toward me with Prince Phillip at her side. Suddenly, I was face to face with the Queen of England. Her HP escorts were way in front and behind her. She looked me straight in the eye. I smiled, nodded, and said, “Welcome.” She nodded back, and they were gone. I learned only later, one is never to speak directly to the Queen.

Also, a major security breach, I’d say.


Oh BTW, Queen Elizabeth was a huge jazz fan. She especially liked Duke Ellington. In fact he wrote and recorded a special suite for her and had it secretly delivered to Buckingham Palace.

Relaxing Photographic Paterns

Just over two years ago, I created a 21 minute video of images I’ve taken over the years featuring patterns. I set it to music. It is so relaxing, I included it in a blog. Recently I “watched and listened” to it again. Thought you might enjoy it. Please take a look and give it a listen – maybe for the first time.

So, sit back, crank up the volume and hit “Play full screen.”

7 thoughts on “Meeting Queen Elizabeth II, Relaxing Photographic Patterns

  1. Pamela Evans says:

    Meeting the Queen face-to-face was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s all about timing and circumstance. Good for you!

  2. Bill Scanlon says:

    That the Queen acknowledged your presence and greeting to her is more evidence she understood that most of the restraints she lived under were crazy.

    And perhaps she was crazy for tolerating them.

    Anyway, if there be an higher power than even the Queen, may it shine its light on her as much of the world bids her adieu.

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