Restorative Justice: A Story of Redemption

Restorative Justice:

A Story of Redemption



Our daughter, Katy, works in San Quentin for The Last Mile, an educational program that helps incarcerated men and women learn computer programming skills. TLM is a nonprofit program operating in seven states. For graduates of the program, the recidivism rate is zero. When men get out of prison, they have sills and renewed self-esteem. They are able to get jobs, and new lives.

Katy recently told me about a podcast produced in the prison by incarcerated men called Ear Hussle. A few years ago, they produced a program about Jason Samuel and Thomas Morgan. Jason was a 17 year-old lost young man in Bakersfield, CA when he shot Thomas Morgan, a cop.

Jason spent many years in San Quintin. Tom’s wife, Christie, has carried such anger toward Jason, she once said if she had a gun, she would kill him if she could.

The following Ear Hussle audio tells the story of forgiveness and redemption. Today Jason is out and is friends with Tom and Christi. You may need some Kleenex.


2 thoughts on “Restorative Justice: A Story of Redemption

  1. Lil Schaller says:

    A very touching story. We need so much more understanding in our world! Kudos to Katie for her work with incarcerated men and women to better their lives. You and Mary must be very proud!

  2. John Warren says:

    This is such a powerful story of forgiveness and redemption. It may be an exception, and it is the kind of story that gives me hope.
    I just learned about Katy’s work at San Quentin! THAT is a story in itself! If people can leave prison with increased self esteem AND marketable skills, and a recidivism rate of zero, that also gives me hope. Cheers to Katy and her colleagues at The Last Mile!

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