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How to become an overnight sensation in the field of journalism (print or Internet or television):Use the word EXISTENTIAL three of four times in every story you post. You will look hip and very well educated. Never mind what the hell it even means.

English Usage Changing

Growing up, there were certain words we could not use in spoken or written language. Over the decades, things have changed. There are “softer” versions of these words that have become OK to use. Examples:

Too formal, or medical

Feces / Breasts / Urine

Too gross

Shit / Tits / Piss

OK to use

Poop / Boobs / Pee

Ain’t it amazing how things change. Notice that on TV, today commentators can get away with “bullshit.” Even further, in stories about, say, January 6th, national networks may not beep out “fuck” or even “motherfucker.”

Ahh, Lenny Bruce is spinning in his grave.

The real outrage here is that in NONE of these changes does anyone come and ask me for my recommendation.



For my February 28th blog post I discussed my current photography project that will ultimately result in a flash drive with my favorite photos of all time. I will make that flash drive available to anyone who wants a copy. In the meantime, I’m ploughing through some 47,000 photos to choose the best. The photos fall into 13 categories.

Although all the selections have not been made yet, most have. So here is a preview. I tried to select the best photo from each category. No luck. I could not do it. You know, Sophie’s Choice. So, here are my favorite multiple photos from each category in alphabetical order:



Notre-Dame, 1968


I’d heard about Venus de Milo in art classes, but when I saw it for the first time in 1968, my head exploded. I shot a whole roll of film


Bixby Bridge, Big Sur

Foster City

Friends and Family

Grandma and Molly nap

Elders tell stories

Jerry Johnson becomes a Zen priest



Terrance Blanchard

Wesla Whitfield

Mavis Staples

Pete Seeger



Echo Lake



Monterey Jazz Festival




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