The Joy of House Plants

For years we’ve known that caring for pets is good for the physical and mental health of the elderly. Recently, though, we’ve found that there are huge health benefits for the elderly (at least for me) for caring for house plants. I’ve always liked having house plants around, but my recent bout of sciatica brought it home, big time. I was in more pain than I’ve ever known. My plants though, helped me focus on something else. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Propagating jars


Joy of new leaf coming out

7:00AM: First Light

Same plants from the side at 3:00PM

Avocado Bonsai Tree

Propagating Elephant Ear Leaf

Avocado Bonsai Tree / One Year

Propagating Dieffenbachia

Fiddle-leaf Fig (Note stand made of old VHS cassette tapes)

Propagating Monstera

Kitchen Appliance Pots

Redwood Tree Bonsai

Hooray for houseplants – outdoorplants, too. 



















7 thoughts on “The Joy of House Plants

  1. Melinda says:

    I’m with you on that! They are like pets. It’s thrilling to see how they sprout snd grow and respond to light. I like my coleus the best. I’ll send some pics. (But not sure about those kitchen appliance pots, Rick.)

  2. Jim says:

    so agree, rick, our lovely little planet and biosphere depends on plants and they have their own dimension everywhere….it too love having them in my home and have on in particular, a little bonsai tree I have named ‘haiku’…..hey, see you in a couple of hours as we z00m…..

  3. Mary Warren says:

    I got into house and balcony plants big time in Italy and have spread that love to our yard in Florida now. Puttering with them, caring for them, watching what grows best where and making adjustments makes my heart happy. Even sweating over the weeding, planting and trying new things like growing veggies is satisfying. Makes sense that it helped your pain.

  4. Susan Page says:

    Your photos are gorgeous, and I get what a thrill this is. I have gotten into gardening outdoors with some of the same thrills, like the new leaf emerging. Bravo for you. But I’m super sad to her you had sciatica. I hope it’s OVER now!! — Sending love!

  5. Pat T. Green says:

    Great pictures and lovely plants. And they are good air purifiers,
    I used to put mine outside for fresh air and summer rains but stopped when I discovered a lizard crawling up a curtain. It must have come in on one of my plants.

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