Goodbye to Moira; View From The Salesforce Building; February 8: the Big Show!!!

Goodbye to Moira




Sung to the tune of Red River Valley

From this compny they say

you are leaving.

We will miss your bright eyes

and sweet smile.

For they say

you are taking the sunshine

That has brightened our

pathway awhile.



One day in 1988, the phone rang when Moira Kavanaugh answered our ad in the San Mateo Times. Mary was on  with her for 30 minutes talking and laughing like they were old friends. I thought to myself, “Whoever that is, she’s hired.”

That call was the beginning of a 32-year relationship. Moira has been hugely important to the growth of PowerSpeaking. We like to pride ourselves as being “relationship focused.” Moira made that happen. She has been much loved by our staff, our clients, and our program participants.

Now comes retirement.

No meetings. No alarm clocks. No proposals. With Medicare and Social Security plus a well-funded 401K, Moira gets to pay even more attention to her two grandchildren – the light of her life.

As she cleaned out her desk last Friday, I thought about my retirement four years ago, Mary’s immanent retirement, and what we lovingly call “The Old Guard.” Few of the people that helped us build the company for the first ten years are still with us. Some retired. Some moved on to other business interests, and some, unfortunately, died.

Moira’s retirement makes me reflect on the early years of  PowerSpeaking, Inc. It seems like just yesterday. Suddenly, the company has facilitators around the globe, and clients that populate the higher reaches of the Fortune 500. What a ride.

Thank you, Moira, for all you did to make it work. PSI won’t be the same. But, on the good news side, how about lunch some time? Pick a date… my calendar is wonderfully empty. Jump into retirement. The water is great.

Love you, Rick

Mobile One checking in.


View From the Salesforce Building

Our friends, Ginny and John Janes, knew someone who could get us passes to the top of the tallest building in San Francisco.















View from the top

























Looking down on the Transamerica Building




























Reminder:  February 8, 2020

























5 thoughts on “Goodbye to Moira; View From The Salesforce Building; February 8: the Big Show!!!

  1. Lil Schaller says:

    What an incredible ride PSI has had with Moira. Wow, 32 years! That’s truly commendable. Mary’s imminent retirement?!

  2. Susan Page says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to Moira. These changing times are so weird. There is something wonderful about the ol’ days, and we definitely have to be grateful that we have them to look back on, not so long ago, and then to embrace what ever is happening today. — You must feel so filled up and happy with this extraordinary company you all built together, that has touched the lives of so many people.

    How I WISH I could come up and see your show!!!

  3. Warren Harnden says:

    Nicely done, Rick! You guys have provided,in PSI, a really fine, educational, successful facility; giving credit to the PSI personnel for their help, competence, and humanity also gives credit to PSI’s management-of course. Does this confirm that nothing succeeds like success (-ful humans)?
    Carry Onward!

  4. Moira Kavanaugh says:

    Thanks, Rick for the great words. I feel extremely grateful for having spent such a huge chunk of my life working with you, Mary and everyone at FGA/PSI :)) I have found that people would give their right arm to be able to be at a job that they love and love who they work with – I am very fortunate. Your signature motto – It’s not about perfection – Let r Rip…is fantastic for learning but another just as important element of your direction is that you pointed to if it was about perfection – here is what it would look like. You were a master at showing how to get results and even more – if the results weren’t excellent you would work like hell to get them there. Love you and you are on for lunch…I’ll have lots of time:)))

  5. Fritz Brauner says:

    M is for the memories
    O is for outstanding
    I is for irreplaceable
    R is for retirement
    A is for adieu

    To paraphrase Mae West, “You only work for FGA/ PSI once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
    Congrats on 31 awesome years, Moira!

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