4th of July & Hair Fetish

Redwood City, July 4, 2019

Costco: 8:00 A.M.



Many Cultures




















Human Factor




















Hair Fetish

Presidential Hair? 


Cory Booker (bald = punks, Hell’s Angels, WW II Brown Shirts and fascists). Cory, soften your look. Grow it out 1/2 inch.

Bernie Sanders / Rand Paul / Boris Johnson (England)   – wild, out-of-control.

Julian Castro: the Brylcreem look. Way too greasy.

Elizabeth Warren – could be longer to soften her image.

Kamala Harris – OK, but could be a bit shorter to communicate executive, “no nonsense” management style.

Mike Pense – too short and way too tight.

Donald Trump – talk about fake news… how about fake hair: badly colored; cringe-inducing comb-over; shaggy over the collar look that says “fuck you” to the establishment.


Pete Buttigieg / Beto O’Rourke (JFKesque)  / Eric Swalwell. Controlled, but loose.

Question for My Astute Readers:

Why in the 1930s did most men part their hair in the middle, while today, zero men do that (except Sean Hannity)?


Sex and Hair Length

A strong symbol of women’s fertility and sexuality is hair length. Women in their most fertile years (say 20s) may often wear their hair long. As they age, the hair gets shorter as it gets grayer. I suspect this is connected with declining sexual activity in their lives. Think how rare it is to see a woman in her 60s or 70s with white hair to the middle of her back.

Hair Color

Although some older men color their hair, it’s almost universal that older women do. It is very rare to see older women in the workforce with natural gray or white hair. My favorites have been Janet Yellen








and Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fun







and Emmylou Harris, singer












At the other extreme is the almost universal way that mid-career women in the media color their hair to look streaked blond, but always with a 1/2 inch of natural color at the part line.














Seeing these smart, highly-paid female journalists with almost exactly the same hair style is strange. You’d expect more variety. Oh well, I’m sure “the suits” in these networks know what sells in their markets.

Also, the hair should not be too short (Rachel Maddow is an exception), or too long (Alex Witt / Ann Coulter).


Let’s hear it for older female newscasters with white hair – long or short. Let me know when you see one!

Meanwhile, there is no dearth of older men with white hair on TV – think Anderson Cooper. Hmmm? More sexism?





























8 thoughts on “4th of July & Hair Fetish

  1. Bill says:

    If you want to sell any of those cars, please let me know.

    And you mean to tell me Redwood City didn’t have any tanks destroying its streets on Independence Day? Where is Redwood City anyway? Some place in Amerika?

  2. John Warren says:

    Hi Rick!
    The parade photos are great from a community based photographer!

    The photos and commentary on hair tells me that you have waaaay too much time on your hands!

  3. Pamela E Evans says:

    You’re photos really caught my attention. Each told an amazing story. Loved the “hair style” article, too. I color my hair, maintain it’s average length and am generally okay with my appearance. However, you didn’t address thinning hair as one ages. The other morning, I caught myself reaching for the “strong-hold” hairspray to tack down a few unruly strands, as I knew it would be windy day. Then, I saw Trump’s face and his bird’s nest hairdo on T.V. and screamed out loud, “No, I can’t do that”. I refuse to comb over there!

  4. Susan Page says:

    Did you actually take all these photos? What parade is this? It looks like you traveled all over the world. Very impressive! Beautiful photos. I love the Mexican folklorico dancers. They were in Redwood City?

    Ha, i love your comments on hair, esp. the women. Yes Elizabeth W. needs to soften her image a bit. I would LOVE to see her succeed. And K. Harris, maybe a bit more professional looking. Hmm. — Are you sending your suggestions to them?

  5. Mary Warren says:

    I liked the photos but not the suggestions for women’s hair. A woman should wear the length, style and color of hair she likes at any age without the burden of suggestions from a man. Men spend way too much time telling girls and women what to wear or how to look.

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