Big Sur / Carmel Photo Shoot

California Brown Pelican

Sea Otter

Moss Landing Power Plant

Gang of Pelicans – note rare white pelicans

Sea Lion

West Coast California Juvenile Homo Sapiens in rarely seen mating dance.

Raised yellow paddles signal that females are ready to mate.

Also, rainbow colors indicate their support of Pride Week.

Limekiln State Park. Four giant kilns, circa 1889





Bixby Bridge with mustard plants

7 thoughts on “Big Sur / Carmel Photo Shoot

  1. Annee Delaware says:

    Marvelous photos Rick. Reminds me of my Big Sur days and it s beauty. We re so fortunate to live so close.

  2. Patricia T Green says:

    Great pictures, Rick. How nice to have something lovely to look at while I’m recovering from knee replacement surgery. Maybe I’ll be able to hobble around in that area again.

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