No Politics

My kitchen appliance garden grows.


Outside my office, a new baby hummingbird explores the world


On Saturday, we attended a memorial for friend and colleague

LuEllen Schafer, a world-class trainer.



Sunday we hosted a celebration for Kelly Gullbrandson’s graduation from Sonoma State University in psycholgy



Buliding continues apace in downtown Redwood City


3 thoughts on “No Politics

  1. Linda says:

    The macrocosm of life expressed within the microcosm of one, beautiful weekend. I had such a great time at Kelly’s grad party, Rick. Excited to see your force of nature reach yet another summit of many mountains. Love to all!

  2. John Warren says:

    This is a great list of events – some joyful, some sad. Those appliances are certainly multiplying on the balcony!

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