Mary Jumps From 18,000 Feet

Mary went skydiving with four friends. They all loved it.

She said,

  • She was nervous just when her legs were hanging out the plane door
  • The instructor is key to feeling safe
  • He told her how to hold her arms and to look at the camera
  • She recommends it.

Hmmm, sounds like teaching someone the skills of PowerSpeaking.


6 thoughts on “Mary Jumps From 18,000 Feet

  1. Pat Green says:

    Good for Mary. As if being married to you and now running Power Speak weren’t adventurous enough!
    Rick, you’re getting close to 80. An idea?

  2. Bill Spaulding says:

    As a pilot for years, I could never understand why anybody would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane…that said, people do love it. My flight instructor used to be a jump pilot at Lodi.

    I do question the 18,000 foot comment. According to the FAR’s, class E airspace is basically under 18,000 feet. 18k and above is class E and is the highly regulated domain of both commercial and private A/C operating with IFR clearances. So if the jump did occur at 18K feet, I hope the pilot had his transponder off…

    Also, per the FAR’s above 15k feet all passengers are required to be on supplemental oxygen and the pilot has a 14K foot ceiling before O2 is required.

    I would guess the jump occurred at 14K or below since no supplemental O2 equipment is in sight.

    Still, she has more cajones than me and from their smiles it looks like lot of fun…or is that relief?

  3. Hal says:

    Gotta love it and kudos the Mary for doing it. I have spoken to a number of people who have jumped and the experience has always been described as fantastic. While leading a hike at Big Basin, I mentioned to a young German tourist that I want to do a tandem jump to celebrate my 80th birthday – 20 months from now. He said, Ya, I did it and I threw up. Based on this comment, I’ll be sure to wear depends for the first time. Double congrats Mary.

  4. Dave Flanagan says:

    Wow!! You really appear to be relaxed and enjoying it, Mary. It’s hard for me to imagine feeling that way in free fall. I did that once, also in California, a very long ago, using a static line (the chute is automatically popped very shortly after you leave the plane) so virtually no free fall. What I recall, with remarkable clarity, was a feeling of great relief… kept thinking, “I’m not gonna die, Might get hurt but I’m not gonna die.”

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