Photographing Democratic Superstars

It was a huge honor to be asked to photograph an event in Palo Alto Saturday night to celebrate Anna Eshoo’s 25 years in Congress. Of the 400+ photos I took, my favorite is my daughter Katy with Anna. Katy was one year old when Anna was elected in 1992. Every time I see Anna, she asks about Katy. My take away from last night, “If you love people, they will love you back.” It was a love fest.

Also got to rub elbows with Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier.
























Eight present and former members of Congress attended the celebration. Anna’s biggest applause line was that after the Virginia election last week, it is clear the Dems will retake and House in 2018! Also got to talk to a couple of Secret Service men. All-in-all an unforgettable evening.



3 thoughts on “Photographing Democratic Superstars

  1. Bill says:

    A beautiful post, especially of Katy with Rep. Ashoo.

    And, yes, Virginia and Washington last week were causes for hope that reason and mostly good will take over the House in ’18. But it is much easier to have that hope in California, with 39 D and 14 R (at least 4 hanging on by the thinnest of threads), than in the rest of the country. In reality there are tons of hard work to do all over the country to make that hope a reality.

    And, frankly but sadly, that work would be easier in most places if Rep. Pelosi would make clear that she will not stand for Speaker if reason and mostly good take over in the elections less than a year from now.

    A Citizen of Ryan and Walker’s Once Progressive Wisconsin

  2. Ray Mayeri says:

    This eposode in the life of Rick is all the more incredible given that he is known in some circles as the person who has received the (through the mail) credential of “Reverend Rick”. Holy Jesus!

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