Photo Excursion on the Bay


The old Bay Bridge is coming down, slowly. I’ve been wanting to photograph this amazing process. Last month, on a beautiful fall day, I rented a boat with another photographer, Bill Bishop, and got up close and personal with the bridge. My goal was to get shots of the old bridge, but the new one took my breath away. Here are my favorite shots from that day.





6 thoughts on “Photo Excursion on the Bay

  1. George O. Petty says:

    Great photos! I must say, the new bridge is more photogenic than the old one, both from above and below and both in daylight at at night.

  2. Keri Lehmann says:

    These are gorgeous, Honey! I think my two favorites are the one from underneath the new bridge where you can see the design through it, and the one with the spinnaker sail in front of the dreary-looking old bridge. Thank you for sharing these! xx

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