Katy Shot Out of the Womb

Photos Don’t Lie

My daughter, Katy McGlynn-Gilbert, just finished a short paper for her political science class about her political philosophy and who she is voting for, and why. Her first paragraph was about the Constitution and our right to vote. The second paragraph made me laugh out loud,

                    I shot out of the womb wearing a baby t-shirt that said “wild feminist” while carrying

                     a picket sign in each hand, one saying “Gun Control is Good!” and the other saying

                    “Tax  the Rich!”

Now, I thought that was so cute I shared it in my October 27th blog post. Going through some old photos the other day, I came across a photo I took of her at birth. I was astonished to see that she was, in fact, telling the truth,



Early reviews of my new book
































My new book of essays is coming along. Hope to have it available in a couple of months. I sent out pre-publication copies for review. Full disclosure, some loved it, some hated it. Here is the unedited feedback I got,


What the Critics are Saying

Ungrateful little shit.

– Fred Gilbert, Jr. (Rick’s father)

Profound insight into human psychology and the human condition.

– Sigmund Freud

Amazing clarity about the flaws of religion, but, he got the Mormon stuff right.

– Jesus of Nazareth

Towering contribution of the decade, if not the century.

– New York Review of Books

The worst mistake of my career as a teacher was putting this little genius in “the slow reading group.”

– Miss Watts (Rick’s first grade teacher)

The most intelligent, far-reaching insights about music I have ever seen.

– Miles Davis

See, my ceaseless correction of his spelling really paid off. So, Rickey, where is the gratitude for all that?

– Connie Gilbert (Rick’s mother)

Clearly the next Nobel in Literature.

– The Swedish Academy

My sonnets, poems, and plays can’t hold a candle to Gilbert. Mister, This is Going on Your Permanent Record is a must read. A real page turner.

– Bill Shakespeare

Some of my deepest inspiration has come from Rick Gilbert’s “Mister This is Going on Your Permanent Record.

– Bob Dylan

“Lyin’ low-IQ Rick” is such a loser.

– Donald J. Trump

I’ve been called a “groundbreaker,” but I’m junior league compared to Gilbert.

– Ludwig van Beethoven

Leaves my best work in the dust. I’m applying to do an internship with Mr. Gilbert

– Ansel Adams

We know where you live, and you are in deep shit.

– The NRA









3 thoughts on “Katy Shot Out of the Womb

  1. Susan says:

    This is hilarious. I love it. Wow, even Shakespeare loves your book. Can’t wait to read it, esp if it is anything like this blog!

    • Patricia T Green (Pat) says:

      I do hope you will notify us of your book tour. Especially those of us who live out of the Bay Area.

      I went to a BHS classmate’s 80 th BD party last weekend. Guess 2019 will be the big year of the new decade or decadence for many of us. Hope our birth pictures don’t land in your book.

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