Anna Eshoo / Jim Keeffe Follow Up



From Anna Eshoo’s keynote at her 25-year celebration,

“The trusting relationship between those who govern and those who elect has been the hallmark of our compact for the past 25 years.”






To see her speech:




Jim Keeffe

When I typed up Jim’s story, “The Catheter Girls”

I made multiple copies. Jim’s wife, Holley, passed out copies to the nurses and caregivers at the front desk on the ward. They loved it.

Lots of laughter and acknowledgment of the reality of what Jim said.

What a great way to say “Thank you” for all the care they gave him.








2 thoughts on “Anna Eshoo / Jim Keeffe Follow Up

  1. Hal says:

    Anna’s a neat woman. She’s been a friend of Sanda’s. Some years ago she recommended Sanda’s appointment to the Lieutenant Governor’s Commission on the Feminization of Poverty.

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