Pet Lovers: Meet Two Vets

Pet Lovers: Meet Two Veterinarians

If you own, or have owned pets – mostly cats or dogs, you have needed the services of vets. A few weeks ago we stayed at a wonderful Air B&B in Carmel Valley called D’Jango Hill Farm. It is literally on a farm: horses, pigs, goats, lamas, alpacas, turtles, a veritable Old McDonald’s Farm. Our hosts were a married couple, both vets, Dr. Mike Lesser and Dr. Bonnie McGarr.

Their story is so interesting I asked for and they agreed to an interview. They discuss the highs and lows of a veterinary medicine career, their professional successes, and why they can’t take on human patients (state law). The interview is insightful and fun. Take a look, and oh, btw, if you need an AirB&B near Carmel, you might check them out.



Last week’s blog contained a rant from me about the over-use everywhere of the word “existential.” Then as if I am being mocked by the universe, this comes in my email. Unbelievable!!!

From the New Yorker…

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 10.51.24 AM.png





4 thoughts on “Pet Lovers: Meet Two Vets

  1. Mayer Shacter says:

    Wonderful short video for all animal lovers. Very interesting to understand how Veterinary care has evolved and insight into quality care givers lives. Also very impressed with all that Rick has accomplished in his 2nd or 3rd career as a photographer, videographer and interviewer. You’re never too old to become young again.

  2. Mark Shaw says:

    Thank you Rick. Great job. Love how you find these gems. Out of blue.
    I am forwarding this video to my son and his fiancé. Both work for the Monterey County SPCA. I am not sure either will ever chose veterinary school. But both see themselves supporting the well being of animals. And they may be inspired by the kind of world they have created with the B&B and farm.
    One part of the video that struck me, apart from the lovely spirit that both Mike and Bonnie demonstrated with their care and thoughtfulness, was the change they see in the profession. As a father of two young men who are trying to establish their professional lives I am troubled by the cost barriers that evolved for this profession and others like it.

  3. John Warren says:

    Rick, I’m such a dog lover, and we had wonderful Vets care for both of our Alaskan Malamutes. You were there when Misty died. I loved the caring values of Mike and Bonnie, as well as their concern for the profession because of the financial aspects. You did a great job in getting them to tell their stories!

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