Death to iPhones and PowerPoint

Ever been presenting to senior executives and realize they are paying attention

only to their &%$#* phones? How can they be so rude? Ever dream of revenge?

Check out this video we made for Speaking Up; Presenting to Executives.



Ever been in a meeting where the presenter reads slides and you wonder how

much longer this agony will go on? Here is a person who took action!



My daughter, Katy McGlynn Gilbert, just finished a short paper for her political science class about her political philosophy and who she is voting for, and why. Her first paragraph was about the Constitution and our right to vote. The second paragraph made me laugh out loud,



I shot out of the womb wearing a baby t-shirt that said “wild feminist” while carrying a picket sign in each hand, one saying “gun control is great!” and the other saying “tax the rich, support those in need!”






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